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After nearly 50 revolutions around the Sun, all roads have led here. Life is about discovery and learning for me.  Photography is a culmination of all of my previous experiences.  From fashion, construction, to music, to fine art,  graphic design, hospitality- I am simply fascinated with our existence.  The capture of an image, a story through light, affords us the freedom to understand it all - one frame at a time.

Having been in Baltimore, Maryland, I hit the road at age 22 and have enjoyed residence in D.C., Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Laguna Beach. I moved back to my roots in 20`17 for family, old friends, four distinctive seasons, and ultimately to meet my lovely wife Lisa.  Rediscovering Maryland is a great joy.

My love of photography started in my teens, using pinhole cameras, a Nikon FG 35mm, and developing my own film.  Times have changed and the progression toward digital was undeniable.  Today we have incredible technology that allows us to express images in ways never imagined.  

Color and contrast are where I begin - with intensity.  Utilizing the camera to create a dynamic image and then software to express a feeling.  My work's intention is to challenge the boundaries of that intensity, awakening our deepest sense of feeling.  While some feel that post-processing is a work around for real art, the true magic starts in the camera - something I learned shooting on film.  The computer then becomes the dark room.  It all begins with a great image in camera.  While an important part of the process, post processing can only take one's work so far.  Like life, and like the dark room, it's a delicate balance.


University of Miami- music performance

University of Maryland- music performance/fine art

UMBC- fine art/photography

In addition to my own business,I am currently freelancing in the following genres:



-Religious rites of passage (any denomination)


-Studio and environmental PORTRAITS

-Equestrian events

-Live music



PORTRAIT PHOTO CREDIT on SHARE and ABOUT pages.:  JULIE SMITH of SIDDALEE PHOTOGRAPHY...  Don't ever forget the ones who inspire you the most.  It is NOT about competition, it IS however about cooperation.  If you want to be inspired, then you should only aim to inspire others...the rest will follow.  Love you Julie and thanks for the incredible images! 

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